The Wakeley Family – Gold Coast Family Portraits

Meet our GORGEOUS sister and her cute kids! We may be biased but aren’t they just naturals in front of the camera? Jade has such perfect skin and rarely wears make up (totally jealous!) but for her family portraits she wanted to be pampered. We recommend to all our clients to make their portrait days a pamper day. Enjoy having your hair, make up, nails etc done. You will feel amazing and relaxed and will it show in your session.

Jade and her girls all spent the afternoon with the talented Rachael from Rachael Simm’s Hair, Makeup and Beauty

We then met up at our favourite spot to capture some new memories and have some fun. We love photographing kids and catching their quirks and personalities. Gabriel has the bluest eyes and cheekiest smile while Rachel is a little model in the making. Jade has such a great connection with each of her kids, it comes across so naturally.

If you’d like to have your family portraits taken just send us an email! We’d love to meet your family!

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