What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is a documentary of your child’s entrance into the world. It’s about capturing all the emotion that comes with birth. The pain, fear, strength, love and pure joy when your baby has arrived. Shot in a storytelling style, it chronicles the labour, delivery and first hour after your baby is born. It is safe, tasteful and non-intrusive. It’s capturing the moments that can never be replaced and ones that will be cherished – the first touch, the first breathe, the first cry.

All birth photography is documented by Hope.

“I am one of 8 children myself and it was my older sister who gave me my first experience witnessing childbirth. I was privileged to watch the birth of my niece 20 years ago and it was such an amazing miracle too see. One that I will never forget. As a now mother of three daughters, I can’t tell you how many times they’ve looked through their own birth photos with wonder and excitement. It’s a beautiful way to remember and share such a special experience with them!” ~ Hope


Why hire a professional photographer?

What images do you take?

Images of you as you go through the motions of labour. Capturing all the details like the time things happen, the moniters, your glass of ice etc. But more importantly capturing the emotions. Squeezing your partners hand during a contraction, the back rubs, the expressions, hugs and the delivery process.

All images are edited in black and white and this gives the images a softer feel and focuses on the emotion in the image, not the colour. It also minimizes blothes, blemishes, blood and helps with the poor lighting in birth suites.

Having Hope present for your birth ensures you can focus on the delivery and enjoy the experience. Your parter and support people don't need to woryy about taking photos in the moment as Hope will be documenting every moment for you.

"I'm worried about space for equipment"

Hope will use professional grade cameras and thats all. No tripods or flashes will be used. Only need space for a small bag.

I'm concerned for my privacy, will I have control over what gets published?

Yes! We will get written permission before posting any shots of your birth. We only ask to showcase your birth story in a tasteful and beautiful way to inspire other mothers. you will have the final say on what is published.

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"Looking for a good photographer that you trust to take the pictures you are wanting can be extremely daunting! Well look NO further! Hope was able to capture the pure essence of the birth of my twins. Birth photography isn't everyones cup of tea but I can guarantee you that once you look back over the photos and video that Hope has taken of your amazing experience you can't help but thank the stars that this experience was captured so wonderful for you to watch over and over. I literally have watched our birth video that Hope did to music at least 50 times!
Money well spent!!!"

- Renae & Josh

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