Birth photography is a documentary of your child’s entrance into the world. It’s about capturing all the emotion that comes with birth. The pain, fear, strength, love and pure joy when your baby has arrived. Shot in a storytelling style, it chronicles the labour, delivery and first hour after your baby is born. It is safe, tasteful and non-intrusive. It’s capturing the moments that can never be replaced and ones that will be cherished – the first touch, the first breathe, the first cry.

All birth photography is documented by Hope.

“I am one of 8 children myself and it was my older sister who gave me my first experience witnessing childbirth. I was privileged to watch the birth of my niece 20 years ago and it was such an amazing miracle too see. One that I will never forget. As a now mother of three daughters, I can’t tell you how many times they’ve looked through their own birth photos with wonder and excitement. It’s a beautiful way to remember and share such a special experience with them!” ~ Hope